General Data
Protection Regulation

The European Data Protection Regulation is enforceable from May 25 2018 in all member states of the European Economic Area to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe.

Here you can find the official PDF of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) in the current version of the OJ L 119, 04.05.2016; cor. OJ L 127, 23.5.2018 as a neatly arranged website. All Articles of the GDPR are linked with suitable recitals.


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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – General Provisions
  • Chapter 2 – Principles
  • Chapter 3 – Rights of the data subject
  • Chapter 4 – Controller and processor
  • Chapter 5 – Transfers of personal data to third countries or international organisations
  • Chapter 6 – Independent supervisory authorities
  • Chapter 7 – Cooperation and consistency
  • Chapter 8 – Remedies, liability and penalties
  • Chapter 9 – Provisions relating to specific processing situations
  • Chapter 10 – Delegated acts and implementing acts
  • Chapter 11 – Final provisions


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